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Data & AI Expert

Born in Spain, educated in the UK, in love with Germany.

  • Worked for: Bayer, Accenture, RTL
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Hello! My name is Julio Lahoz. My surname is pronounced like the country Laos.

I am a Data Scientist and a Manager with a solid skillset spanning across data strategy, team leadership and hands-on development.

If you're looking for someone to kick-start or advance your data journey, someone that can lead development efforts, and that excels at bringing teams to their peak performance, please get in touch!

Spoken Languages

English 95%
German 85%
Spanish 100%


Data & AI Strategy

Team and Project Leadership

Artificial Intelligence

Analytical Decision-Making

Goal-Oriented Leadership

Business Intelligence

AI Product Development

Process Optimization


SQL & Relational Databases

Predictive modeling

Quantitative modeling

AI Agents

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAGs)

Recommender Systems




Biotech and Pharmaceuticals



My Resume


Ph.D. in Computational Immunology

2014 - 2017

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

The most rewarding time of my education. Researched the dynamics of immune cells in humans through mathematical modelling & simulation. See publications here.

M.Sc. Systems Biology

2012 - 2013

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

A transformative experience. At Warwick I learnt that any system can be modelled through mathematical equations and key transferable skills.

Professional Experience

Senior Director

2022 - 2024

RTL, Cologne, Germany

    Managed a multi-million budget and three different teams, led over 10 data projects with an estimated three-year ROI of >200%, created a result-oriented culture and enhanced productivity, drove AI adoption, decreased cloud costs by 45%, and ramped-up team size from 18 to 25.


2021 - 2022

RTL, Cologne, Germany

    Ramped-up two teams, increased timed size from 7 to 18, achieved performance transparency through KPI definition and reporting, co-led data procurement talks with an international streaming music company, prioritized projects by ROI, and set up agile data science workflows.

Data Science Lead

2020 - 2021

RTL, Cologne, Germany

    Created hyper-personalised images, implemented predictive models, performed customer growth simulations, developed automated pipelines, and fostered good coding practices.

Senior Data Scientist

2019 - 2020

RTL, Cologne, Germany

    Developed top-performing recommenders and predictive models, clustered customers for personalized email campaigns.

Data Science Consultant

2017 - 2019

Accenture, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Enabled use cases on client's new cloud platform, designed deployment roadmaps for PoCs, and analyzed clinical trial feasibility with real-world data.

Computational Scientist

2013 - 2016

Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany

    Led two research projects and collaborated on another two leading to five publications and 392 citations as of May 2024, developed immune system models, implemented PBPK models, and presented in international conferences.


Strategy & Management

AI Adoption

Start the AI journey, beginning with understanding its potential, embracing its capabilities, using AI for process optimization, and ultimately leveraging it for product innovation.

Data Strategy

Enhance operational efficiency and growth through optimized data governance and analysis, transforming data into a competitive advantage.

Interim Manager

Benefit from expert leadership offering stability, strategic insights and driving growth during transitions. Tailored to customers' immediate needs to ensure continuity and facilitate sustainable success.


AI Developer

Craft AI tools such as RAGs, agents or automated data extraction models with a focus on early prototypes, iterative development, and quality testing.

Data Scientist

Power-up your business with advanced analytics, predictive models, and recommender systems to transform data into strategic insights and assets.


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